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Printing date: 3/1/2024

How does the principle of "transportation allowance"?

Since the 1st January 2009, every employers need to support 50% of the cost of public transport subscriptions of their employees who will make the request.

Every worker is concerned, including apprentices and part-time workers.


The transportation allowance, what is it?

Article n°20 of the 2008-1330 law of December the 17th at 30 December 2008 for employees to participate at the expense hired by their employees to go to the workplace by paying a traveling expense.Transportation allowance it gives as an obligation at the employers to support 50% of the cost of public transport subscription of their employees. The territorial civil service and hospitality is eligible at the transportation allowance since the release of the 2010-676 decree for the collectivities.


What subscriptions are supported?

Subscriptions supported by the « transportation allowance » must be nominative and to propose a travel number unlimited.

Subscriptions meeting these criteria are the weekly subscriptions, monthly or annual.


How to qualify for repayment by the employer?

For the employer may make the repayment, the employee must provide:

  1. Receipts of travel tickets used during the previous month (original or invoice copy/ cash receipt)
  2. Copy of the transport card.