Palm Bus
Printing date: 8/7/2022

Palm Bus Network

Getting on the bus

  • The service number for each service is clearly shown on the bus stop,alarret.jpg
  • Our bus stops are “request stops” and you should clearly signal the driver as the bus approaches to let them know you wish to board,
  • For safety reasons, buses will only stop at recognized bus stops to allow passengers to board,
  • As the bus approaches, check the service number and destination on the bus to make sure it is the service you want. If in doubt, ask the driver,
  • Once buses have closed their doors and the driver has signaled to pull away, the bus will not be able to let you board because the driver is committed to rejoining the main traffic flow.

Responsibility for bus shelters and stop infrastructure rests with the local authority.  We are responsible for maintaining up-to-date information at bus stops and employ a dedicated team to provide information at stops.

Standing passengers

  • Standing is available on all our buses as determined by the standing limit displayed on the lower saloon of all vehicles.
  • Where passengers choose to stand when there are still seats available, other intending passengers may be deprived of the chance to board, so your co-operation in moving down the vehicle is appreciated.
  • Standing is not permitted on the stairs, in the door well or on the upper deck of double deck buses.
  • When standing, please make use of the handrails, seat backs and supports fitted.

Luggage and pushchair

  • Luggage must be safely stored away to not cause an obstruction to the main gangway or any emergency exit. The responsibility for any item of property on the bus rests with the owner,
  • Unfolded pushchairs can usually be accommodated on every bus. You should however be expected to collapse your pushchair, if asked by a driver to do so. Pushchairs must not be left unattended. The parent/guardian must either sit or stand with the pushchair.

Bicycles are not allowed in the bus.

When on the bus, you must not:

  • Smoke or use an e-cigarette,
  • Eat or drink,
  • Leave litter on the bus,
  • Damage or deface any part of the bus,
  • Offend the driver or fellow passengers,
  • Put at risk or cause discomfort to other passengers, the driver or an inspector,
  • Speak to or distract the driver when the bus is in motion except in emergency situations,
  • Use a music system set at a volume that will annoy other passengers.

Small pets may be carried as well as assistance dogs.

Getting off the bus

  • Picto_pour descendre.jpgWhen you wish to get off the bus, please ring the bell once to let the driver know you want to alight,
  • For your comfort and safety, please give the driver sufficient time to be able to slow down properly for your stop,
  • Do not stand too close to the doors when waiting to alight,
  • You should alight through the rear doors only,
  • You must not alight when the vehicle is still in motion.

Emergency doors and windows must only be used in the event of an emergency or when directed by the driver or an inspector.

In the interests of health and safety, you must always follow instructions either given by signage on the bus or by any member of our staff.